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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  August 23, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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n (counting cadence): man: ♪ their heads are up, their chests are out ♪ ♪ the arms are swinging in cadence count ♪ ♪ sound off ♪ sound off male chorus: ♪ sound off ♪ ♪ sound off ♪ sound off ♪ ♪ cadence count ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ one, two... three, four! ♪ ♪ eenie, meenie, miney, mo ♪ let's go back and count some mo' ♪ ♪ sound off ♪ sound off! ♪ ♪ sound off ♪ sound off! ♪ ♪ cadence count ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ one, two... three, four! ♪ swabbie's got a head like a '49 for come on, tully. last round you gotta knock this anchor clanker out! you just got to wear him down, tully-- you're a marine! okay? come on!
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♪ i had a good home but i left ♪ you're right! ♪ ♪ i had a good home but i left ♪ ♪ you're right! ♪ ♪ jody was there when i left ♪ you're right! ♪ ♪ jody was there when i left ♪ ♪ you're right! ♪ ♪ sound off ♪ one, two! ♪ ♪ sound off ♪ three, four! ♪ ♪ cadence count ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ i thought this army life was best ♪ ♪ now she's someone else's wife ♪ ♪ and i'll be marching the rest of my life, sound off ♪ ♪ one, two ♪ ♪ sound off ♪ three, four ♪ ♪ a-one, two ♪ three, four... ♪ (cheering, shouting) listen up, marines! shore leave commences at 1300. as marines, you will conduct yourself with honor, valor, and fidelity. outstanding job, pfc tully. private first class snow, what in sam hill is this?!
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sir, it won't stay bloused, sir! it won't stay bloused because you do not belong in my beloved corps! i suggest you unscrew yourself asap! well, any day, sweetart! sir, yes... sir! pfc tully, tell me why i should not cancel liberty for all hands because of pfc snowball's personal appearance?! sir, pfc snow will square himself away! marines take care of their own! that is our code, sergeant! outstanding answer, pfc tully! stand by! ♪ three, four! ♪ ♪ eenie, meenie, miney, mo ♪ let's go back and count some mo' ♪ ♪ sound off... platoon, dismissed! soldiers: do it! ooh-rah! ♪ one, two ♪ ♪ three, four! ♪ ♪ one, two ♪ ♪ three, four! ♪ man: company... halt! ♪ one, two... three, four! ♪
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stillman: i love the smell of toxic waste in the morning. you want to watch your step. the place is full of stuff that'll eat your florsheims for breakfast. stillman: what do we have? a land test on a real estate deal turned up toxic levels of you-name-it. epa clean-up crew found the remains inside. valens: it was an adult male shot in the head. m.e. tech ballparks it at .38 caliber. how long has it been here? agency says the land hasn't been used as a legal dump site in over 50 years. stillman: we need to find out who had access-- permission to dump here. that ought to be fun. epa's lawyers have been trying to sort that out for years. what's that? dog tags? "tully, james, c. usmc."
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looks like we just found a lost marine. captioning sponsored by warner bros. television
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stationed aboard the uss pronto, on his way to do battle in korea. the forgotten war. disappeared during liberty. he was supposed to be back on th pronto morning of september he never showed. jeffries: i think we know why. rush: the kid was only 17 years old. got into some kind of trouble. jeffries: on liberty, that's no surprise. drinking, shenanigans. the last hoorah. trying to get in as much living as possible. pretty high casualty rate in korea. maybe he gets cold feet? ah, not likely. marines aren't drafted. they enlist or volunteer. docks have always been a dangerous place. he gets separated from his fellow marines, and runs into some local riffraff? the guys in his platoon might know something. yeah, if we can track them down. well, brother steve tully's on his way to philly to claim the remains-- a decorated marine in vietnam himself. the father served in world war ii. whole family of military men.
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must have been a real disgrace-- tully accused of being a deserter. the family never believed it. sent the naval board of corrections countless letters refuting the unauthorized absence charge. to no avail. trying to reverse a charge like that with the military bureaucracy is like getting battleship to reverse course-- slow and unlikely to happe it's our it's our job to see this marine gets his honor back. hey, what the...? that's for aiding and abetting in a decapitation of my best tie last week. what makes you think i had anything to do with that... incident? oh, don't worry. your little partner in crime, la bamba... he's gonna get his, too. what up, fellas? you tell me, scotty.
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my father went to his grave wondering if jimmy was a coward. he fought the desertion ruling. he must have known differe in his heart. (sighs) said it wasn't in jimmy's dna to desert. but he still wanted thflag to prove it. my brother never backed down from a fight in his life. rush: wondering if you can tell us anything about jimmy... might help us with our investigation. oh, yeah-- brought this postcard he sent us. it's the last time we heard from him. "our sergeant granted us a liberty pass. "me and a couple guys from the platoon are gonna hit the town." you know who his friends were? no, i was just a kid when he left for boot camp. gave me his baseball glove. told me to keep it oiled for him. promised to teach me his curve ball when he got back. card's postmarked the day he disappeared.
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just tnking it would bring him back. what about his pocket watch? didn't they find it with his, you know... pocket watch? no. oh, it definitely would have been on him. he treasured that watch. robbery gone bad? my father told him it was his duty to bring the watch back safe and pass it on to his own son someday. never even made it out of philly. sergeant chaney, they said we could find you here. i volunteer twice a week and school some of these men in checkers, just to let them know that their sacrifice still means something. wondering what you remember about private first class jimmy tully. one of nine guys that went to korea came back in a body bag, and you're asking me
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about a coward that went awol? his body turned up yesterday. we think he got killed on shore leave. anyone in his platoon have a problem with him? whoa. if tully was killed, it wasn't by another marine. any idea which of his friends might have hit philly with? yeah, there was a guy named max, um... max heid... heidhorn... heidhorn, yeah. he was a real clown. we'll look into it. hey, detectives... if a guy doesn't come back to the ship, i have no other choice but to declare him a deserter. max heidhorn? detectives rush, miller. thanks for coming in. a fan of the ponies? i like to lay a few bets here and there, keep things interesting. you got a system? yeah. it's called "win some, lose some." but you didn't ask me down here to pick up tips on the sport of kings. understand you and jimmy tully were friends. sure were. we survived boot camp together.
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were you with him on shore leave? me and about 500 other marines and sailors. when's the last time you saw him? (sighs) that'd be hard to forget. ("if you turn me down" playing) hey, tully, get in line. all right, come on, i'm buying. get an anchor and globe or, uh, maybe one of them hula girls. i ain't got time, max. ♪ a mule with great biears... ♪ those navy squids don't do so well on land. i'll say. ♪ valentine red. lor of your lips. (laughs): thanks. i've... gotta dash. heidhorn: hey, tully. what the hell you gawking at? you see that? yeah, i sure did. heidhorn: another barnacle looking to latch onto some sailor. man, the girls i told you about at this place
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do a whole lot more than just look, baby. you coming? what, are you kidding? i just met the girl of my dreams. hey, anybody want to see the liberty bell with me? yeah... dumbbell meets liberty bell. take it easy on the kid, max. you know, good thing you got old tully here always sticking up for you, snowball. maybe he can, um, chaperone your i'm going across the street. hey, no, no, that's a navy bar. karnow's got to be sore about you beating him. yeah, well, i beat him fair and square. where i'm going, at least you won't have to fight sailors off just to get a dance. you know whe to find me, punchy. roger that, devil dog. tattoo was the last thing i remember about shore leave. almost didn't make it back to the ship due to the whiskey... and a redheaded girl. this karnow, he and tully have a history? "mean gene" karnow-- tully gave that bastard a really good pasting at a smoker right before we got our liberty passes.
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fight over what? boxing match over bragging rights. tully always took that semper fi, "always faithful" business seriously. me, on the other hand... karnow the type to hold a grudge? well, first off, he was a swabbie. no love lost between marines and sailors. vera: gene karnow? take it easy there, dragnet. you guys looking for lessons? we're here about jimmy tully. what's he want, a rematch? he's dead. jeffries: killed on shore leave the night he knocked you out. how'd that happen? we were just about to ask you the same question. you think i killed him because he got over a few lucky punches? so no hard feelings between you and tully? hell, that match with tully and me on board ship, that was my last fight. boiler blew up on the way to korea,
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and drove a six-inch piece of steel into my shoulder. jab wasn't much good ter that. you see tully that night? yeah. sure. (chuckles) guy had brass ones, walking into a navy bar. ("yeah, yeah, yeah" plays) ♪ here is a boogie that you should know ♪ ♪ you do it every time you're feeling low ♪ ♪ there's nothing like it anywhere ♪ ♪ all you gotta do is holler "yeah" ♪ ♪ you don't say no... you got lucky, look, i don't want any trouble. what do you want then? a dance. good luck and good night. she's shot down every sailor in here, including yours truly. i'll take my chances. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah all the time ♪ ♪ i say, "hug," he says, "yeah" ♪
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♪ i say, "squeeze," he says, "yeah..." ♪ you lost this. "brown, sanford and mullins, attorneys at law." so which one are you? i'm just a stenographer right now. tomorrow's my rst day on the job. but someday i'm gonna have my own card just like that. i'd offer to buy you a drink, but it looks like you're doing just fine in that department. you wanna buy me a drink, you gotta get in line. the sailor at the end of the bar says you're the toughest thing in here. think he might've been right. i thought marines were supposed to be brave. well, a good marine must improvise, adapt and overcome. is that why you're in a navy bar? the one thing i swore i'd before i shipped off was dance with a pretty girl. is that where i come in? affirmative. all right, but i don't dance with strangers. jimmy tully, wilkes barre, pennsylvania.
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nora lee, philadelphia born and bred. miss nora lee from philadelphia born and bred, would you care to dance? why don't you drop anchor someplace else? you got a problem, pal? besides you guys taking over our bars and bird-dogging our women? not tonight. you better have a lot of bullets in that gun, civilian. (song ends) never thought i'd be defending a jarhead's right to dance with the prettiest girl in the bar. this tough guy, he got a name? nah, didn't bother asking. introduced him to the sidewalk pretty good. well, maybe he waited around outside for tully. i couldn't tell you, because the second prettiest girl in the bar was so impressed with my bravery, she asked me to dance. been together 55 years. you remember anything else about this guy? yeah, had a dock workers' union patch on his jacket.
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that's a funny thing to remember. i was a snipe, you know, an engine room rat. i had to deal with sandcrabs like that all the time. thanks for your time. you know, if you ever want some lessons, come on down and we'll lace 'em up, okay? my partner needs more thanhat. you're what, 50 push-ups from the cover of gq? i wouldn't be so sure about that, g fella. i could teach him something that'd wipe that smirk right off your face. oh... no offense, detective. come on, come on, earn your money there, kid. stillman: navy bar-- tied a few on here. some things never change. i'll bet she still remembers what i dri. john... long time no see. irish whiskey and a beer back? stillman:on. this is detective rush. hey. we're wondering if you remember jimmy tully. marine back in '51. i'm good, sugar, but i'm not that g
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witness said he had words over a girl with a local tough guy. in the gunwale? imagine that. that tough guy wore a dock workers' union patch on his jacket. flashed a gun. could be ray lisi. hall of fame jackass. 86'd him from the gunwale, oh, a decade ago. he ever do time? he did a good stretch at frackville for beating a union scab. the guy's sucking his meals down through a straw now. where's lisi park it these days? over at ruby's with the rest of his old dock buddies. probably already got his drunk on. and he likes cops ev even less than marines. we'll keep that in mind. thanks, sue. okay. hey... he tries to throw a bottle at you, like he did me... we'll return the favor.
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of the most interest, the navy and the shipyard. oil drum could have come off a ship. yep. check naval base records. when i served, the military kept a paper trail a mile long for every belt buckle, bullet and mess kit. oh, joy. oh, so where's this old dock worker? i hear he took a swing at the cop that picked him up. ray lisi? scotty's got him in the box now. valens: i'm gonna make you pick up after yourself, ray. you mind telling me what this is all about, junior? sure, pops. either you tell me about the last time you saw jimmy tully, or i lock you up for taking a swing at that cop. jimmy who? we got an eyewitness says you flashed a gun at him. (chuckles): oh, that's interesting. it gets better, see, 'cause this marine got shot. well, isn't that what they sign up for? pulled your sheet. you beat a guy with a .38 not long after tully disappeared. it's the same caliber killed tully. guy was a scab. he kept falling on my gun.
4:26 pm
lucky i didn't ll the trigger. well, you couldn't beat tully, so you shot him. keep trawling. either you talkth you, ray. or a few friends of that cop you swung at are gonna come in here and tuck you in for the night. lucky bastard was doing just fine when i left him. ("go, man, go" playing) ♪ i met a chick who was real great ♪ ♪ do-dah, do-dah... nora: it's the greatest city in the world. tully: a lot of guys on the ship from philly. maybe i'll make it my home someday, too. oh, it's already 10:00. i'm sorry, i'm keeping you, what with your big first day tomorrow. my friend dragged me along with her, and i wasn't expecting to meet someone like you. i know, me neither. we got those clumsy sailors to thank for that. you probably would've found some otr pretty girl to dance with. but i found you. what's the matter?
4:27 pm
aren't you afraid of going over there? marines aren't supposed to show fear save the slogans for your buddies. i'm serious, jimmy. look, any guy who tells you he isn't afraid is a liar. but my father served, and so did his father. it's what the men in my family do. ♪ i went down to the track hey... ♪ and i lost the shirt off my back ♪ what if i lose you as soon as i found you? i still owe you that dance, remember? dance marathon? now you're talking. marine and fastest typist in the steno pool? we'll be the couple to beat. nora! what is it with this guy? he works down at the docks with my father. i can handle him. if he lays o finger on you, i'm gonna clean his clock. what are you doing, ray? this guy's not gonna be here for you like i am. i appreciate you looking out for me, but you need to go home. please?
4:28 pm
do it for me. oh, i never been much for that lovey-dovey crud, but... i think she was real smitten. you don't strike me as the observant type, ray. i did not shoot that jarhead. he embarrassed you in front of your girl. she wasn't my girl. the most she ever did was let me buy her a drink. you better hope she backs that up. rush: your husband? i lost him ten years ago. ben was a good man. he was there for me. don't make men like they used to. was tully around when you started dating ben? i know what you're thinking, but i wasn't that kd of girl. i met ben a year later. a friend set us up.
4:29 pm
that's my son peter. handsome. i thought you wanted to ask me about jimmy tully. a guy named ray lisi said you were with jimmy the night he disappeared. we met at the gunwale. then hit a dance marathon. "marine and fastest typist in the steno pool." that's what he said. what about after that? after that? i would've given him my heart. but fate wouldn't have it. ("mona lisa" playing) what? just seeing if your boyfriend ray comes out to stop me. stop you from what? smuggling you on the ship. come on, i'll buy you a soda. thank you. you're welcome. enjoy. i sure am gonna miss you. you'll forget what i look like minute ship leaves port. not if you give me a photo of yourself.
4:30 pm
do i look like the kind of girl who carries photos of herself around? come on, let's fix that. (laughs) come on. ♪ you're supposed to look at the camera. what if i don't want to? we're going to have to keep doing this until you get it right. or we could do this. ♪ look. private first class tully? yes? need to come with us. jimmy, what's happening? i don't know. i'll find you. ♪
4:31 pm
that was the last time i saw him. what did shore patrol want with tully? i don't know. he never came back. anything else you remember, give us a call. thank you fo jeffries: hey, john, naval clerk dug up the ship's disciplinary log book. logbook have an entry of sending out shore patrol? sent to question tully's entire platoon. log entry said they were looking for a private first class lenny snow-- suspected of taking a navy officer's pearl-handled .38 revolver. could be our murder weapon. gun was never recovered. snow spent the crossing to the korean peninsula below decks in the ship's brig. well, let's put him in our box, see what he's got to say about this gun.
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why not? did you serve, detective? navy. vietnam? river rat unit. then you know a lot of good men never made it back. doesn't seem right to be making a fuss over a bunch medals and ribbons. i did what i had to do. others gave more. you straightened yourself out after shore leave, though. i'll admit i wasn't the most squared-away marine in my unit. but i didn't take that officer's weapon. why'd shore patrol think you did? oh, i got blamed for everything. didn't help that sergeant chaney had it in for me. you see tully that night on shore leave? yeah. tried to help me out of the pickle i was in with that gun. man (over p.a.): this is the last call for bus 82 to pittsburgh...
4:37 pm
where the hell have you been? i been looking all over town for you. i'm in trouble. yeah, i know. shore patrol gave me the third degree about you. i didn't take that revolver. you gotta believe me. then you better start convincing me-- 'cause i just left the girl of my dreams. i don't know what happened. sergeant chaney had max and me on police detail in officer quarters. you were with max? yocan ask him. i never even saw the weapon. scout's honor. you see max go inside? he wanted to see how squared away an officer kept his rack. you know max. he was just joking around. you think max took it? if you didn't. what's it matter? huh? sarge is right-- i'll never be a good marine. you've got more guts than half of these guys. i don't care what sarge says. how you figure that? you lied about your age to get into the corps. i know a lot of guys who lied so they wouldn't have to serve. why are you so nice to me, tully?
4:38 pm
huh? you remind me of my kid brother, i guess. memphis? it's the only place i could think of. if you run now, you'll never stop running. i don't know, tully. i'm gonna find max, i'm gonna make this right. so you can either get on that bus, or you can go back to the ship, you can look sergeant chaney in the eyes, and you can tell him the truth. the choice is yours. hardes hardest thing i ever did, not getting on that bus. shore patrol was waiting, threw me right in the brig. look, when'd you hear tully went awol? halfway to korea-- one of the guards told me. it didn't make a lot of sense, though. do you know if tully found max that night? i don't know. but if tully gave you his word on something,
4:39 pm
pretty much meant it was gonna happen. he wasn't just an outstanding marine, he was like a brother to me. semper fi. spic-and-span time, max-- you lied to us about seeing tully. i said i didn't remember. that amnesia extend to taking that officer's gun? you were going to let snow swing for that, only tully wasn't going to let that happen. he was going to turn you in, so you shot him before he had the chance. you got it all wrong. you took that officer's gun, and that's conduct unbecoming the corps. so is shooting a guy who was just trying to help a friend. i'm guilty of a lot of things-- being a bad marine is just one of 'em. but you can't say the same about tully. he was some top-shelf stuff. ("rocket 88" playing) ♪ you may have heard of jalopies ♪ ♪ you've heard the noise they make ♪ ♪ but l me introduce ♪ yes, it's great ♪ just won't wait ♪ everybody likes my rocket 88... ♪
4:40 pm
hey, it's punchy! give me the weapon, max. don't know what you're talking about. cut the crap. snow told me. ah. you gonna rat me out? of course not. but i need it back. it was a joke-- to mess with lieutenant putnam, make him think he lost his ecious revolver. a joke? you know, snow's thinking about going ol because he can't face sergeant chaney. that sound funny to you? best thing for our platoon would be for that guy to wash out. you're wrong about him. that guy's a walking mortar magnet. don't waste your last hours of shore leave on snow. just give me the weapon, m i can't. i pawned it. how do you think i met these friendly ladies? 60 bucks?! how am i supposed to get that kind of money? how much you got? ten. i was gonna use it to buy something special for nora. don't worry. hi. i'll chip in. ("rocket 88" sax solo wailing)
4:41 pm
i'm not proud of what i did, but i never saw tully with that pistol. so he doesn't show for the boat ride to korea and you don't say a word? i thought maybe he took off with that girl he was so hot to get back to. it's what i'd have done. back when i could run. jeffries: we've got a gun, but no one who saw tully with it. so tully leaves max and what, gets the gun out of hock? but he'd need money for that. i think i know where he got it. tully did find nora later that night. how do you figure? well, something wasn't sitting right, so i checked into ben conlin, nora's late husband. the navy officer. yeah. thought if i could put him and tully in town at the same time... but he was stationed in japan. yeah, a dead end. till i found this. ben conlin adopted nora lee's three- month-old baby boy. a month after they got married. birth certificate lists the father as "unknown." math points to tully, and their romance didn't end in that photo booth.
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4:46 pm
not even peter. well, you lied about seeing tully again. makes it hard for me to believe anything you say now. so i'd start tnking-- maybe tully does go awol, have? then he finds out you're pregnant, and wants to leave you. no. you can check. i wrote letters, filed paternity requests with thva. i didn't know where jimmy was, either. then tell me what happened. for him to comback, staring out my window, praying to god. and then, there he was. nora. (laughing): oh, i never thought i'd see you again. what's bothering you, jimmy? nothing. it's just... i'm here. what happened with shore patrol?
4:47 pm
spill. i just want to make the most of our last hours together. just let me look at you. you gotta be straight with me. something's eating at you. they're looking for a friend of mine. a friend who didn'do what they're saying he did. and, uh... i tried to help him. i couldn't. why couldn't you? because i don't have the money to prove he's innocent. and if you had the money, you could use it to help your friend? look, if i help him... and he dies over there... you don't know the future. you can only follow your gut, like you did following me into that bar and... pestering me for a dance. i can be pretty persistent when i need to be.
4:48 pm
what is this? my mother wore it on her wedding day. it's got to be worth more than whatever's behind that pawn ticket. nora, i can't... i don't want to hear another word. look, it's not worth a lot, but it's been in my family for a long time. will you keep this for me? yes. i'll be waiting for you at the docks, before we push off. wait, wait... i waited by the docks to see him one last time, but... tully didn't leave you-- he was taken from you. i want his family to have this.
4:49 pm
(chuckles) this will mean a lot to his kid brother steve. dective rush... jimmy wathe love of my li thank you for giving that back to so, tully uses nora's necklace to get the gun out of hock. tully was a hard charger. goes back to the ship, puts the weapon back in putnam's locker or returns it to his platoon sergeant. tough play, either way. he digs, he scores. you were right, boss. military doesn't buy a tin of beans or toss a grenade unless there's a paper trail. de-requisition order to dispose of six steel oil drums of hazardous material from the uss pronto. september 9. date matches up. stuff like that doesn't get on or off a ship without the engine room knowing about it. hm. "mean gene" karnow was a machinist mate. throw this wrench at him, see how he answers.
4:50 pm
karnow: this supposed to mean something? vera: well, the date's of interest, especially seeing as how tully's body was found in an oil drum. right, the marine. you remember this order? yeah, i come back from, uh, shore leave, and there's, uh, a marine sergeant screaming at me to get rid of thewaste oil drum. i tell him i don't take orders from a jarhead. navy ship, navy engine room. you refused to dump those drums? yeah, and in about ten minutes, my chief comes down and chews me out, so i go ahead and get rid of 'em. this marine sergeant-- his name by any chance chaney? yeah, that's him. thought he was all hard, but then we get out to rough seas, he's out back puking his guts out over the rail. chaney. took a look at your medical and service record books, sergeant chaney. spent most of your second tour in the field hospital. signifant battle fatigue? you ask me down here to question my service record?
4:51 pm
you're way out of your depth, son. something must've been eating at you real bad, 'cause you never saw any actn during your second tour. you want to ask me something about tully, ask it, but i will not sit here and have you question my service to this country. this interview is over. you want, we can cuff you to that chair. i had an officer like you-- a ball-busting son of a bitch. i hated that bastard... but when it was said and done, he just wanted what was best for his men. he had a code. best ones do. is that why you were trying to wash out pfc snow? what the hell does this have to do with snow? answer the question! snow didn't belong in the marines! and it was your job to sort men like him. snow was going to fill up his boots the very minute he saw those chinamen coming at us in waves. with all due respect, sir, you were wrong about snow, dead wrong. he was 15 years old. he wanted to be a marine so bad he lied abou
4:52 pm
you buried him behind a desk, and he still made it to the front line. awarded the bronze star and navy cross. that's a lot of bull. snow did no such thing. account of private first class lenny snow's heroic actions during battle. while you were cooling your heels in a field hospital, this is what a brave marine was doing. "during a sudden enemy ambush, "private first class snow unhesitatingly "left his foxhole, "moved through withering fire, and employing his rifle, "inflicted numerous casualties. "his actions saved the lives of his fellow marines." i will not listen to this. snow was going to get us all killed over there. i should know. i've seen it before. lenny snow exemplified the marine corps. negative! then just when you think you got snow going awol, tully shows up to plead his case, says he knows lenny didn't take that gun. tully was wrong. not about snow he wasn't, and you know it. you're still a marine.
4:53 pm
act like one. son of a bitch wouldn't back down. he threatened to pull rank on me. on me! this better be good, tully. getting me out of the rack at this time of night. sir... pfc snow did not te lieutenant putnam's revolver, sir. where did you get this, tully? i cannot say, sir. i didn't copy that. you will give me that weapon. that is an order. sir, i wish only to clear private snow's name. pfc snow is not worthy of being a marine. snow is a coward and a thief, sir... and will not tarnish the marine corps with his presence. with all due respect to sergeant chaney, pfc snow is neither a coward nor a thief. you have no idea what it takes to be a marine. pfc snow believes you are trying to wash him out, sir, something that is against marine corps tradition. do not lecture me about tradition! now, you will stand down and give me that weapon.
4:54 pm
i can't do that, sir. you are disobeying orders, pfc tully! you will give me that weapon and you will tell me where pfc snow is, or i will see to it that your sorry butt is booted back to whatever ungrateful hole you crawled out of. sergeant, i am preparedn and tell him the truth. the truth? and what truth is that? that you wish to pin the theft of an officer's weapon on an innocent man. you will do no such thing. 'cause i decide which marines remain in this platoon. me and only me. sir, i can't let you do that. you...! sergeant, please. (gunshot)
4:55 pm
(panting) ♪
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